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Valentine's Science Experiments for Kids

Valentine's Day is fast approaching; whether you celebrate or not, you will LOVE this collection of Valentine's Day Science ExperimentsMake a Skittles heart, a paper airplane delivery system, color-changing love potions, and more!

Valentine's Day Science Experiments

heart patterns

First up are the super simple heart patterns. Cut out hearts in different colors and sizes and use them to make heart patterns. If you want to mix it up, add some flower shapes too!

Heart shapes are also great for practicing cutting and those important things. fine motor skills.

Make a fizzy love potion

These Color changing love potions They are fantastic and fun. Using the red cabbage indicator means that the color of the potion changes when an acid or alkali is added!

The potions below are made with red and pink food coloring, baking soda, vinegar, and purple cabbage indicator.

Effervescent potions made from baking soda, vinegar and red cabbage. The potions come in glass containers and are red, purple and pink in colour.

Explode a heart

Try blowing up a heart-shaped balloon or even a heart-shaped balloon using the fizzing power of an effervescent tablet or baking soda and vinegar.

The reaction between the effervescent vitamin tablet and water produces carbon dioxide gas, which fills the bottle and then the balloon, causing it to inflate.

Pink balloon with a heart drawn on it on top of a small glass container containing Alka Seltzer and water for a Valentine's Day science experiment
Inflate a balloon with Alka Seltzer

Colorful Valentine's Day flowers

Create beautiful flowers for your Valentine's Day with this super simple transpiration experimentAll you need to do is buy some white flowers and place them in a mixture of food coloring and water for a few hours. The petals change color as the colored water travels up the stem to the petals!

A white flower with blue tips on the petals after being left in a mixture of food coloring and water.

Breathing pizza

Anyone want a heart shaped pizza? This is a great activity to learning about breathing How to use yeast to make dough rise.

Pizza dough in a silver bowl for a breathing activity.
Breathing – pizza dough

How fast does your heart beat?

Learning about heart rate and how it changes with exercise with a simple investigation of heart rate.

Boy running in a field for a science experiment on heart rate
Heart Rate Research

Where is the heart?

Ask the children to draw around them on a large sheet of paper and draw your heart in the right place.

Child lying on a long sheet of paper to be drawn to learn about different parts of the body.

Make your own stethoscope

Making a stethoscope and hear a friend's heartbeat. Spiderman costume optional!

Kids Testing a Homemade Stethoscope - Science for Kids
homemade stethoscope

Pumping heart model

Older children can do something clever. pumping heart modelThis is a great way to demonstrate how heart valves work.

pumping heart model made with a flask, straw and balloon

Valentine's Day Candy Science

make a beautiful colorful heart with bowling pins or M&M's. Create a pattern on a white plate or tray and pour warm water over it. The color of the Skittles spreads through the water, creating a rainbow effect.

Skittles on a heart-shaped plate. Water has been poured over the skittles and the colour of the candy has spread through the water.

And how about building a candy tower using Valentine's Day candy and toothpicks?

Secret Valentine's Day Messages

Send a message with flowers

Write a message inside a paper flower, fold the petals and then place them in water to see the message appear.

Magical Valentine's Day style opening flowers

Messages with lemon juice.

Did you know you can write? secret messages with lemon or lime juice?

Secret Messages - Science for Kids

scratch art images

We had a lot of fun doing it scratch art canvas paintings Oil pastels work great for this activity, as the black oil pastel provides a thick layer that can be scraped off easily.

Scratch Art Message for Valentine's Day
Scratch Art Messages for Valentine's Day

Once you have created your secret message, create a delivery system for it. This can be a paper airplane, a parachute, zip line or even a motorized car.

STEM Valentine's Challenge: Create a Valentine's Message Sending System

Little Bins for Little Hands has some lovely items crystal hearts to do and a beautiful Heart shaped lava lamp.

Red Ted Art has some Brilliant Valentine's Day Resources Also for teachers and parents.

Don't forget to check out my Valentine's Day STEM Challengesalso!

Have more Science ideas for Valentine's Day for us?

Collage of simple science experiments and investigations for kids about Valentine's Day.

If you didn't find what you were looking for here, check out my other Easy science experiments!

Valentine's Day themed science experiment collage.  Pink fizzy potions, a heart-shaped balloon, a bowling heart and oil pastel drawings.

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