July 14, 2024
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What Void Bastards fans need to know about Wild Bastards

If you fell in love with 2019 Void BastardsGet ready to expand your horizons with our new first-person shooter game, wild bastards. wild bastards keep going Void Bastards Great mix of strategy and shooting action, but adds more on almost every front.

In Void Bastards, you played as one of an endless series of prisoners, each with their own traits but otherwise identical. In wild bastardsYou choose from a gang of 13 unique outlaws, each of whom has their own voice, place in the gang, relationships with others, and most importantly, embodies a very different play style.

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Hopalong is a slithering lizardman wielding a lasso strangler. He demands a stealthy, close-range playstyle. While he is very powerful against a small number of tough enemies, he can quickly become overwhelmed by more numerous enemies.

On the contrary, Smoky is a chef consumed by the fire of his kitchen. He can now project flames from his fingertips, setting enemies and the environment on fire. By creating walls of flames, he can easily handle swarming enemies like Kyotes, but he has trouble with enemies that can't be funneled into kill zones, like teleporting Assassins or burrowing Rattlers.

Screenshot of Wild Bastards

The outlaw you choose, the planet you choose to transport them to, and the outlaws you pair before entering a confrontation will all play a huge role in your success. You'll have to juggle outlaw fatigue, injuries, relationships, and clashes with the enemies you'll likely face. Just as in Void Bastards, wild bastards It requires strategic thinking and shooting skills. But now you'll need to reboot that way of thinking with a whole host of new concerns.

In Void Bastards, you piloted your small capsule through a hostile nebula, choosing which abandoned ship to enter and which to pass. In wild bastards, your gang flies around the galaxy, choosing which planets to visit and which to avoid. Once on the planet, you'll split your outlaws into groups and travel from location to location, collecting loot while making the most of the opportunities on the planet and avoiding patrolling guards and critters whenever you can.

Screenshot of Wild Bastards

Each planet will present you with new challenges and opportunities. Sierra planets are mountainous with long sight lines, but snowbanks can interfere with your movement both around the planet and within an engagement. Don't get stuck in the snow when one of the pursuing Princes arrives or you could find yourself caught up in a battle where the odds are truly against you!

On the other hand, hostile worlds feature low gravity, allowing you to easily jump onto terrain to gain a height advantage. But be careful of the Yellowbellies, which can pass through the atmospheric domes that are common here.

Screenshot of Wild Bastards

Whatever the world, once you enter a first-person showdown, you'll find the same intense shooting action you found in Void Bastardsbut enhanced with a host of new features: more weapons, more enemies, outlaw-specific special powers, per-pixel hit detection, a much larger range of enemy behaviors and animations, more enemy types, open-air combat arenas, enhancers. and much more.

We haven't even mentioned mods you can equip your outlaws, aces that provide permanent buffs for each member of the gang, the procedural campaign, or the custom challenges that unlock once you complete the campaign. Yes, there is much more to do, strategize and manage wild bastards!

wild bastards is a new strategic shooting game that takes the Void Bastards Formula in a tremendously different direction, coming to Xbox Series X|S on September 12, 2024.

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From the veteran team behind Void Bastards and Card Hunter, Wild Bastards has you traveling from planet to planet to recruit, manage and shoot with a team of 13 outlaws, each of whom has their own weaponry, special power and growth tree. On planets, you'll vie for loot and start clashes that then develop into intense, bite-sized firefights. The Wild Bastards were the deadliest gang in the galaxy until a group led by Puritan tycoon Jebediah Chaste eliminated one outlaw after another. Faced with their own mortality, the two remaining members have teamed up with the Drifter, a mysterious sentient spaceship, to find and resurrect dead gang members as they flee to the mythical Homestead. Key Features Fast-paced confrontations: prove that you are the best gunfighter by attacking a series of enemies in shootouts with flying bullets. Tactical FPS Combat: Use your wits to defeat cunning enemies who take cover, flank you, and employ a variety of special moves, from teleportation to poison spikes. Strategize for Victory: Assess the terrain, enemies, and features of each planet before selecting which gang members you want to land there. Collect items, level up, and carefully use special locations to turn the odds in your favor! 13 Outlaws to Play: Build a gang of 13 outlaws, each with their own unique weapon, gimmick, personality, relationships, and skill tree. Build and Maintain Relationships: The gang knows each other well, but that doesn't mean they like each other. Your job is to manage their dynamic relationships, but good luck getting the feuding outlaws to travel together. Keep the gang thriving: Accumulate resources to heal injured gang members, level up characters, improve relationships, and more. A Lawless and Ever-Changing Galaxy: Journey through procedurally generated galactic sectors and planets with variable parameters such as gravity, terrain features, weather, and more. Challenge Mode: After completing the main campaign, a challenge mode is unlocked to offer a sequence of challenge sectors with increasingly difficult levels and mutators to modify the gameplay experience.

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