July 17, 2024
1 Solar System Way, Planet Earth, USA

WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger experience a partial outage

What you need to know

  • Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger are experiencing a partial outage that affects the majority of their users.
  • Sending and receiving multimedia messages, including photos, videos, and voice memos, appear to be at the center of this disruption.
  • Whatsapp said in a tweet that it is working to fix the issue and that some users have already started to see services return to normal on their devices.

Earlier today, users on two meta-platforms reported interruptions in sending or receiving multimedia messages and voice notes on WhatsApp and Messenger.

How he saw it 9to5GoogleET on Monday (June 27). It affected both services and appeared to have peaked in 82% of cases. whatsapp users and 79% of users in Facebook Messenger at approximately 1 pm Eastern time.

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