July 18, 2024
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Who is Dr. Kovich in 'Star Trek: Discovery'? The mystery explained

In his trademark suit and tie, an anomaly among the primary-color uniforms of the 32nd century, Dr. Kovich always seemed like a man out of time. Played by legendary director David Cronenberg, who, like “Star Trek: Discovery,” hails from Toronto, Starfleet's greatest enigma has been an unknowable presence at Starfleet Headquarters since the Disco team landed in the distant future.

Now, thanks to a big reveal in the series finale. “Life itself”In fact, we now know where we've seen him before and that he's had an important role to play in the history (and future) of Star Trek. Read on for Kovich's story, but be warned: major spoilers ahead. (See our Star Trek Streaming Guide to know how to watch almost all the series in Paramount Plus (except Star Trek: Prodigy, which is on Netflix).

Who is Dr. Kovich?

David Cronenberg as Dr. Kovich, a secret Federation official with immense knowledge and influence. (Image credit: Paramount)

This has always been a mystery, but it seems that's how he likes it.

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