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Why do we have hiccups? Causes and how to stop them.

Hiccups occur when the diaphragm begins to spasm. No one really knows why they occur, but it is believed that they occur when the diaphragm becomes irritated or stimulated.

The diaphragm is a thin layer of muscle that separates the chest cavity from the abdomen. When it has spasms and tension, it makes you breathe air too quickly. The air stops when the glottis (opening between the vocal cords) suddenly closes, which is what causes the hiccups.

Hiccups are usually temporary and more bothersome than anything else, but persistent hiccups should be investigated by a medical professional.

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Causes of hiccups

Anything that irritates the diaphragm or stretches the stomach can cause hiccups.

Common causes of hiccups are:

Eating or drinking too quickly. This leads to swallowing air, which can irritate the diagram.

Eat hot or spicy foods.

Fizzy drinks.

Sudden temperature changes.

Swallow air.

Feeling nervous or excited.

How does the diaphragm work?

When you inhale, the diaphragm moves down to help bring air into the lungs. When you exhale, it relaxes to help air leave your lungs. If your diaphragm becomes irritated and moves less easily, you get hiccups.

How do you get rid of hiccups?

There are many different ideas on how to get rid of hiccups. Do any of these work for you?

  • Hold your breath and count to 10.
  • Drink a teaspoon of vinegar.
  • Get someone to make you jump.
  • Slowly drink ice water.

How do you get rid of hiccups?

What is hiccups?

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