July 17, 2024
1 Solar System Way, Planet Earth, USA

Brigadier General Christopher Horner assumes command of the 3rd Canadian Space Division

Ahead of the Canada Day long weekend, Brigadier General Christopher Horner assumed command of the 3rd Canadian Space Division during a handover ceremony on June 28, 2024, replacing Brigadier General Mike Adamson.

Brigadier General Christopher Horner is now Commander 3 Canadian Space Division and Commander, Joint Force Space Component. According to his profile on the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) website, General Horner “joined the Canadian Armed Forces as an Aerospace Controller on 20 June 1998. After graduating from the Royal Military College of Canada and completing his initial training at the Canadian Forces Aerospace Control Operations School in 2003, he began his career as an air battle manager.”

Another change and noted in the RCAF Facebook Pageis Chief Warrant Officer (CWO) Jamie Marshall, who assumes “the duties of 3rd CSD’s chief warrant officer from CWO Deb Martens at a change of appointment ceremony held the same day. Chief Warrant Officer Marshall served as superintendent of the Space Surveillance Division in the United States in 2010 and is no stranger to space operations, making him a valuable addition to the 3rd CSD command team.”

As for the outgoing commander of the 3rd Canadian Space Division, Brigadier General Mike Adamson, his LinkedIn profile indicates that he is “transitioning to civilian life.” Brigadier General Mike Adamson was a stabilizing force for the Canadian Space Force and served for longer than usual, four years in total. He spent two years as the Director General Space/Joint Force Space Component Commander before moving into the role of Commander of the 3rd Canadian Space Division and Joint Force Space Component Commander when The 3rd Canadian Space Division was created.

Signing off, he said: “It has been an incredible couple of years working with the amazing members of 3 CSD and 7 Wing, delivering space effects and security for the Canadian Armed Forces and Canada.”

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