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Nasa’s new Horizon’s spacecraft has found a ‘Snow-Man’ the farthest ever from Earth
The New Horizon spacecraft from Nasa has reached near 6.5 billion kilometers away from Earth and spotted a snowman shaped asteroid now known as Ultima-Thule. It has also now set a record for the furthest object ever explored by humans from Earth. Nasa has named the larger piece Ultima... Read more
Planet Mars is a red and dirty place
Planet Mars is a red a dirty place in the solar system. It is about half the size of earth and has alot of iron in its mineral makeup, and therefore it looks red. It is associated with the god Aries – the God of War, and is an... Read more
The Planet Venus is beautiful
The Planet Venus is beautiful and it is am amazing part of the solar system. Planet Venus, named after the gods of love and beauty, is an amazing part of the solar system. As the closest planet to Earth, and second from the Sun, it is a amazingly beautiful... Read more
The international space station is still orbiting safely, but have all the leaks been found?
Recently the international space station has become possibly more unsafe after astronauts found a small hole drilled from the inside into the hull. No one knows who actually did it, but the hole has been plugged, and the astronauts are safe. But it shows that even the smallest hole... Read more
The most amazing green jungle!
Green jungle! Read more
The bluest water!

The bluest water!

GeneralTravel December 10, 2018 0

This is best bluest water in Waikiki Hawaii! This is the bluest water in Waikiki, Oahu, Hawaii. Time to go surfing! Read more
The best beach ever!
If you are looking for the best beach ever, there pretty much is nothing that cant compare to Makapu’u Beach on Oahu, Hawaii. With its semi secluded bay with a major light house, and usualy really good waves, it is amazing! On the easy side of Oahu Hawaii, this... Read more
How to never be late for a meeting again

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Trendiest snowboarding locations this season

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