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An accurate scale of the Solar System
If you want an accurate scale of the Solar System, check out the new space scale exhibit at The new solar scale example widget is made courtesy of Josh Worth, check out his cool solar system size simulator here: Visit for cool info… Read more
Black Moon and Solar Flare Eruption Event
Tonight March 31st marks the evening of the Black Moon, and there is also a major solar flare erupting from the Sun, and could lead to major auroras and even power and communication outages. In a worse case event it could even be likethe carrington coronal mass ejection sun... Read more
China lands a space probe on the far side of the moon
China has just landed a space probe on the far side of the moon. China’s space agency said that the probe named the Chang’e-4 lunar probe landed on the far or ‘dark-side’ of the moon which has never been explored before. The moon’s light side always faces Earth and... Read more
Nasa’s new Horizon’s spacecraft has found a ‘Snow-Man’ the farthest ever from Earth
The New Horizon spacecraft from Nasa has reached near 6.5 billion kilometers away from Earth and spotted a snowman shaped asteroid now known as Ultima-Thule. It has also now set a record for the furthest object ever explored by humans from Earth. Nasa has named the larger piece Ultima... Read more
Planet Mars is a red and dirty place
Planet Mars is a red a dirty place in the solar system. It is about half the size of earth and has alot of iron in its mineral makeup, and therefore it looks red. It is associated with the god Aries – the God of War, and is an... Read more
The Planet Venus is beautiful
The Planet Venus is beautiful and it is am amazing part of the solar system. Planet Venus, named after the gods of love and beauty, is an amazing part of the solar system. As the closest planet to Earth, and second from the Sun, it is a amazingly beautiful... Read more
Planet Mercury is the closest to the Sun
Yes, planet Mercury is the closest to the Sun. Planet Mercury got its basic name from being the planet closest to the Sun and because it travels the fastest, the Romans associated it with a winged-god that could fly very fast. It is the smallest planet, and because it... Read more
UFO over Lake Tahoe is out of this world!
A recent group boating on Lake Tahoe was caught by surprise when a super fast UFO streaked by. The group didn’t notice the UFO until after they developed the video, and it shows a streaking UFO right by the lake. It seems like some people saw it, but... Read more
Are Aliens here to invade us, or just test us?
Are Aliens here? That is the biggest question of science today. With so many reports of UFO’s and alien beings, and their portrayal in movies, it sure seems like it’s a possibility. Even though we live on Earth which is billions of miles away from any other hospitable planet... Read more
Visit the Planets Gallery at the Solar System –
Visit a gallery of the planets at the Solar system! Sun and Planets Read more