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Christmas science made easy!

December is quickly approaching and I'm getting confused with all my Christmas science investigations, experiments, and STEM challenges, so I thought I'd gather everything in one place to make it a little easier.

Here you have the ULTIMATE List of Christmas Science Experiments for Kids!

Christmas science: the ultimate list. Reindeer-shaped lava lamp, Skittles candy canes, an elf laboratory and sticky gingerbread houses.

The Ultimate List of Christmas Science Experiments for Kids

Christmas Advent Calendar

This free downloadable file science advent calendar There is an activity for each of the 12 days leading up to Christmas. Just click on each ball to access an activity for that day!

Science Sparks Advent Calendar with an experiment for every day

Christmas science experiments

Print and play with paper science experiments

My new favorite Christmas resource is this one Print and play Package of Paper-based festive activitiesRace Christmas liquids, create spinning sleighs, open magical holly and much more! The idea behind this booklet is that you print out the pack, complete the activities and then recycle everything so there's almost no waste!

Pages taken from a Christmas science experiments booklet on paper.

Festive lava lamps

These Christmas lava lamps They will always be one of my favorite festive science experiments. They can be used again and again and make a lovely and unusual Christmas decoration.

Christmas lava lamps that look like a reindeer and a snowman

Christmas shadow puppets

Christmas shadow puppets They are very easy to make and very fun even for very young children. For this project, you can use snowmen of different sizes or a giant tree with decorations.

Christmas Shadow Puppets - Image shows a Christmas tree shaped shadow on a wall.

Frosty the Snowman

Do Frost appears on the outside of a can Using the freezing power of ice and salt. This activity is fun for younger children as it is visually appealing and is a good investigation for older children to learn what happens to ice when it is mixed with salt.

A can with frost on the outside for a frozen science experiment.

Find the North Star

Know How to find the North StarFind out with this simple activity.

Polaris in the Little Dipper

Christmas food chains

Discover how plants and animals get their energy with my Christmas food chains.

Christmas food chain: caribou moss, reindeer and people

Festive optical illusion

Optical illusions are fun any time of year, but this festive version is my favorite. Use it to put decorations on a treea snowman face or anything else you can think of.

New for 2022 is a free optical illusion template to make the activity even easier.

Christmas-Themed Optical Illusions - Make Ornaments Appear on a Christmas Tree


This The LEGO festive maze will keep kids busy for hours. For added fun, Set a challenge to see who can build the best or try making a multi-story version.

Christmas science in the kitchen

Gingerbread House: STEM Challenge

Discover the The best material to make a gingerbread houseIs it icing sugar, glucose syrup or something else?

Gingerbread house for a sTEM challenge

Fun festive food combinations

Do you love turkey with cranberry sauce? Or cheese with pickles? Find out why some foods pair better than others with this recipe Fun food matching activityWould you eat cranberry sauce and a chocolate yule log at the same time?

Super Strong Candy Canes

Discover How strong are candy canes? Hanging Christmas decorations on them. Don't use decorations that can break if they fall.

Dissolving candy canes In different liquids. Vinegar and hot and cold water are good liquids to try first.

Apple cider and filtered

Do delicious apple cider to learn how to strain. This is a really fun holiday cooking activity, and the apple cider tastes amazing!

Filtering apples to make apple cider

Melted marshmallows

Discover How long does it take for a marshmallow to melt? over your hot chocolate. One idea for this activity is to see if lots of small marshmallows melt faster than one or two big ones.

If you have leftover Christmas candy or feel like doing something fun with it, try one of my Christmas CAndy's experiments.

Christmas STEM Challenges

Make a torch for Santa, help him find the North Star, and more. Santa's STEM ChallengesThis activity also comes with a free printable.

Building and testing a raft For the reindeer!

Create a pulley in a box Helping an elf lift his toys. This is a brilliant engineering challenge and can be done on a small or large scale, depending on the age and abilities of the children.

Elf pulley for a Christmas STEM challenge

Design and construction Christmas themed boats and try them out to see if they sink or float.

Scientific activities of elves

New for 2022 is my 24 days of ideas for elvesThey're all so simple and have a fun science twist. Make optical illusions (using a handy template), help Santa create new wrapping for delicate toys, test the strength of candy canes, and lots more fun elf antics all December long.

Image showing a page of elf ideas for Advent.

Try me 6 Easy Science Activities Your Elf Can DoThese only need very basic materials, and I've made them FREE Experiment Instruction Sheets you can download.

My effervescent elf laboratory It's also great fun for kids of all ages! I've also used it at a school Christmas fair.

Fizzy Elf Lab: The image shows a little girl dressed as an elf with test tubes, baking soda and vinegar in front of her.

I also have some STEM challenges for elves You can try things like building the elf a new shelf, storing a present with a parachute, or making a zipline for the elf!

Make a New bell for the elfWhat can you use to make it louder?

Science gift ideas for Christmas

If you are looking for ideas for STEM-related gifts for kidsI can help with that too!

Check out my STEM Holiday Gift Guide.

How about doing something? homemade science gifts Or even a home science kit?

Homemade science kit for Christmas gift

More from the web

Art by Ted Red has a brilliant Printable Balancing Elf Scientific activity.

This Rodolfo's Race It's super cute from Steam Powered Family.

Royal Baloo has another easy way to make Rudolph fly.

These snowball launchers The STEM Lab guys are great.

Fun a Day has some great stuff magnetic bells.

FREE Printable Christmas Science Instructions

My Printable Christmas Science Experiments They're all FREE!

The Ultimate List of Christmas Science Experiments for Kids. Huge Collection of Fun and Festive Christmas Science Experiments and Investigations

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