July 17, 2024
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STEM Javelin Throw Challenge

We prepare for the 2024 Olympic Games with a fun javelin throw STEM challengeThe javelin is a light spear thrown by hand. In athletics, it is a field event in which competitors try to throw the javelin as far as possible.

A great javelin throw is a combination of the thrower's strength, skill and physics! Competitors must take into account several factors.

Release angle – An angle of around 40 degrees is believed to be optimal for javelin throwing.

Release height – Generally, the bigger the throw, the better.

Javelin speed –The faster the javelin moves when thrown, the farther it will travel.

This simple STEM challenge is a great introduction to how to set up an investigation so that it is a fair test. Kids can choose one factor to test and then keep all other variables the same. We investigated whether the length of a javelin affected how far it flew, which meant we had to try to keep the angle of launch, the height of launch, and the speed of the javelin the same.

Paper Javelin STEM Challenge

We made three paper javelins of different sizes by rolling paper into thin tubes and then experimented with throwing the 'javelins' at different angles.

Paper javelins for a STEM challenge

You will need to

A4 paper


Space to launch


Measuring tape



Roll a sheet of A4 paper as tightly as you can and secure it with tape.

Use tape to join two sheets of A4 paper end to end and roll them up.

Use tape to join three sheets of A4 paper end to end and roll them up.

Throw each javelin three times from the same point and measure the distance each time. Try to maintain the same launch angle and the same force when throwing.

Little boy throwing a paper javelin for a STEM challenge

Record the distance each javelin travels to determine which size javelin travels the greatest distance.

Javelin STEM Challenge Extension Tasks

Experiment by throwing the javelins from different launch angles.

Javelin Throw STEM Challenge Instructions

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