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*images courtesy of NASA/JPL/Cornell

Top Story - Posted: Jan, 6 2004
First Color Images From Mars Spirit Lander
The Mars Exploration Rover Spirit has sent back to Earth its first color pictures, revealing a strange and rocky martian surface with wind smoothed rocks and dusty top-soil. Check out the official Nasa/Jet Propulsion Lab website for the full January 6th pictures here: Jet Propulsion Laboratory

*images courtesy of NASA/JPL/Cornell

Top Story - Posted: Jan, 6 2004
Columbia Space Shuttle Astronauts Memorialized - On MARS!
The Spirit Mars Rover has taken along a token of rememberance for the fallen comrades of the doomed space shuttle flight. The astronauts are memorialized with a cool plaque to honor their courage and spirit in their travels to space and beyond: Jet Propulsion Laboratory






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