June 16, 2024
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20 great outdoor science experiments

When I asked parents what discouraged them from doing science experiments at home, one of the reasons was the mess that, after many goop covered kitchen floor, which I can definitely empathize with. So today I'm sharing fun outdoor science experiments that make cleaning up afterward much easier.

Awesome Outdoor Science Experiments for Kids

Splash patterns

This one is tricky wherever you make it, but we loved making them. splash patterns so much so that I had to include them. If you don't want to use paint, water works too.

Science activity with splatter patterns made with different colored paint

Outdoor rocket projects.

DIY rockets are a great outdoor science activity. Water-powered bottle rockets They are a little difficult to set up, but they fly very high, so make sure you have a lot of space available.

If you have some old film canisters lying around, movie boat rockets They are easy to make and fly at an impressive height!

Scientific activities about trees and plants.

Grow flowers or vegetables in the garden. This is a great activity to learn about the conditions plants need to grow and identify different types of plants.

boy holding a daisy chain

Use some clever math to find out How tall is a tree? without measuring it.

Find out how Use a pineapple to predict the weather..

weather science activities

The changing weather is a great concept for exploring the outdoors. Red Ted Art has a great grinder which can be used to investigate how wind speed changes throughout the day.

Make a wind vane To control the direction of the wind, a pluviometer to measure rain or try one of my others scientific activities with meteorological themes.

sand science activities

Experiment with different combinations of sand and water to find the perfect combination. sand castle recipe.

A sand volcano erupting It's a fantastic summer science activity and can be used over and over again.

sand volcano

Scientific activities based on water.

If it's warm enough to have a paddling pool, try one of my scientific activities in the children's pool. These include mini boat races, a sinking or floating investigation, and learning about the Archimedes' principle.

children's pool

Science for a hot day

Rainy day mom has a great ice cream soup activity which is perfect for cooling off in the summer sun.

Discover the refreshing power of ice and salt by making a 5 minute slushy drink.

Messy Outdoor Science Activities

Oobleck This is a great outdoor science activity, as it can be very complicated! It's a lovely soft goo or slime that feels solid when you squeeze it and then turns back into liquid when the pressure is released.

TO mini scan station with baking soda, water, food coloring, and vinegar is a great way to encourage kids to experiment with different materials.

MEssy Science Station for Preschoolers

Clean cloudy water with a homemade water filter.

filter water

giant bubbles They are always fun! Kids can experiment with different bubble recipes to find the one that produces the biggest, strongest bubbles.

giant bubbles

Outdoor games

Inspiration Laboratories has a great outdoor sound hunting.

If you want to go out and have fun, try one of these fun outdoor games from Mom… Mom… MOM!! We especially like the idea of ​​pooh sticks!

use my FREE minibeast hunting sheetand go out looking for errors.

Or go out on a scooter any time of year with these fun homemade products. flashlights for scooters and bicycles of the Tree of Imagination.

What is your favorite outdoor science experiment?

More outdoor science for kids

try one of my 50 summer science activity ideas.

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