June 21, 2024
1 Solar System Way, Planet Earth, USA
Solar System

A new private mission to the Moon, Russia developing a nuclear-based space weapon and much more…

From the video store:

Russia launches Kosmos 2575 military satellite on Soyuz rocket

Russia 'develops space nuclear weapon' to attack US satellites, raising security concerns | US News | News from heaven

NASA's climate satellite takes off to study the oceans and atmosphere of a warming Earth (msn.com)

Vulcan Cert-1: Behind the scenes with ULA Launch Director Dillon Rice

The new space shuttle | Sierra Space Dreamcatcher

Trillion-tonne iceberg A23a spins on the spot – BBC News

SpaceX Launches Classified USSF-124 Satellites on Secret Valentine's Day Mission for US Space Force (Video) | Space

SpaceX launches the private lander 'Odysseus' on a pioneering mission to the moon (video) | Space

SpaceX launches a batch of Starlink on its third mission in less than 24 hours and achieves a perfect landing

MS-26 Progress Launch

Chinese astronauts light a candle with a match at the Tiangong space station to show the behavior of the flame

Reading material:

Varda obtains reentry license to manufacture space capsule – SpaceNews

Future military target-tracking satellites will be operated by the US Space Force – SpaceNews

Mongolia in talks with SpaceX to launch first national satellite (msn.com)

Orbital Composites and Virtus Solis Announce Space-Based Solar Power Demonstration – SpaceNews

China launches 20 satellites in separate land and sea rocket launches – SpaceNews

Satellite phone networks can democratize global communication – SpaceNews

Cosmic dust could spread life from world to world across the galaxy – Universe Today

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