June 21, 2024
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Beeple's Roaring Kitty hit sparks speculation amid GameStop frenzy

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Renowned digital artist Beeple, known for his record-breaking $69.3 million NFT sale, has sparked controversy with his latest artwork, “CURIOSITY KILLED THE CAT.”

The piece, which shows a cat resembling the digital personality of Keith Gill, better known as Roaring Kitty or DeepFuckingValue, being murdered, has sparked speculation about the motivation behind the provocative images.

The release of the artwork comes on the heels of Roaring Kitty's highly anticipated return to the spotlight after a three-year hiatus. Gill, a financial analyst and investor who gained fame during the short-lived GameStop saga, recently hosted a livestream that attracted more than 700,000 viewers.

Gill's resurgence has reignited interest in GameStop and the broader discussion around decentralized finance and cryptocurrencies.

During the livestream, Gill took a close look at GameStop's future, emphasizing the company's continued transformation and expressing confidence in its management team. He also showed off his positions in GameStop, which had experienced paper losses of approximately $235 million amid the volatile stock price movements.

Meme coins released primarily from Solana that have some relationship or reference to Roaring Kitty, such as Game stop (GME), Dumb Money (DUMB, also GME), and Roaring Kitty (KITTY) have gained renewed momentum from retail investors following these developments.

Beeple's artwork, with its seemingly direct reference to Roaring Kitty, has added fuel to the already heated debate around the intersection of traditional finance, decentralized movements, and digital assets. Some have speculated that the article may be a commentary on the risks associated with the hype and speculation around meme stocks and cryptocurrencies.

Despite this, however, some have questioned the timing and intent behind Beeple's artwork, given Roaring Kitty's influential role in mobilizing retail investors and shaping market dynamics. The provocative images have also raised concerns about the potential impact on GameStop's already volatile share price. Some experts have also commented that Roaring Kitty's recent return to the scene could indicate an upcoming supercycle coin meme.

As an artist known for his thought-provoking and often politically charged digital creations, Beeple's apparent commentary on the GameStop frenzy has only intensified the scrutiny surrounding his work.

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