June 21, 2024
1 Solar System Way, Planet Earth, USA
Solar System

Blue Origin returns to space, aurora over Africa, Chang-e 6 reaches the Moon and much more…

Long March-4C launches Shiyan-23:

Chang'e-6 enters lunar orbit:

SpaceX Starlink 164 launch and Falcon 9 first stage landing, May 13, 2024

SpaceX launches the Starlink batch on mission number 50 in 2024 and achieves landing

Takeoff! SpaceX launches a batch of Starlink on the booster's record-breaking 21st flight and achieves landing

Aurora over Africa on May 10

Kuaizhou-11 launches 4 satellites

Falcon 9 launches NROL-146 and landing of the first stage of Falcon 9

The crater beneath Chicago:

SpaceX launches a batch of Starlink and lands successfully: third Falcon 9 mission in 2 days!

Reading materials:

Intelsat extends satellite life extension contracts – SpaceNews

Commercial space stations near launch phase – IEEE Spectrum

Satellite images of Rafah illustrate Palestinians fleeing the city | Space

German company launches and recovers test rocket in Australia (msn.com)

How can space travel lead to medical advances? The veteran astronaut explains it | Space

Space junk could be disposed of more cheaply than previously thought, new NASA report suggests | Space

The Curiosity rover continues to follow possible remnants of Mars rivers | Space

UK chief hails rocket test launch at Scottish spaceport as 'great moment' (msn.com)

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