June 16, 2024
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Epyc 4004: AMD Server CPU on AM5!

AMD launches new processors for the professional segment. The company announces its Epyc 4004, models based on AM5 sockets and inspired by consumer models… But with some little extras!

Epyc 4004 – Pro Features and More!

AMD Epicc 4004

With this range of processors, AMD offers references that share the same configuration as their consumer counterparts. The main difference is simply that they support ECC memory. Otherwise, they manage two memory channels and can handle up to 192 GB of DDR5.

The other advantage lies in the support for server-related functions. In fact, they offer better support for dedicated server operating systems, RAID storage management software, and motherboards equipped with BMC chips (remote management function).

In terms of specifications, we find references from four to 16 cores. Frequencies range from 5.1 GHz for the slowest to 5.7 GHz for the fastest. As for cache, expect between 16 and 64 MB of L3 depending on the model. However, the Epyc 4584PX and 4484PX benefit from 3D V-Cache with a total of 128 MB of L3 for 16 and 12 core versions respectively.

Finally, prices range from $149 to $699. They are also designed to compete with Intel's Xeon W-2400 in LGA-1700

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