June 21, 2024
1 Solar System Way, Planet Earth, USA

Every company must be an 'intelligence maker,' says NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang at Dell Technologies World

AI heralds a new era of innovation for all companies in all industries, NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang said Monday during an appearance at Dell Technologies World.

“We now have the ability to manufacture intelligence,” Huang said during an onstage conversation with Dell CEO Michael Dell. “The last Industrial Revolution was the manufacturing of software; Before, electricity was manufactured; “Now we manufacture intelligence.”

Along with Michael Dell, ServiceNow CEO Bill McDermott, and Samsung SDS President and CEO Hwang Sung-woo, Huang shared his insights on the transformative impact of generative AI on the global economy and various industries.

“Every company at its base is intelligence; Fundamentally, every company is an intelligence maker,” Huang emphasized, underscoring the potential of AI to create digital intelligence.

During the keynote, Dell and NVIDIA announced a series of updates to Dell AI Factory.

This includes the liquid-cooled Dell PowerEdge XE9680L server with eight NVIDIA Blackwell Tensor Core GPUs, the industry's densest and most power-efficient rack-scale solutions for large Blackwell GPU deployments.

Dell NativeEdge platform will automate the delivery of NVIDIA AI Company software, which helps IT developers and operators easily deploy AI applications and solutions at the edge. Advances also include the ability to simplify AI application development to accelerate time-to-value with the integration of NVIDIA NIM inference microservices, deployment automation, and more.

Huang analyzed the concept of the AI ​​factory, comparing it to the factories of the last Industrial Revolution that used water to produce electricity. In the current Industrial Revolution, data centers act as artificial intelligence factories, transforming data and electricity into valuable globally distributed data tokens.

“What has happened is that instead of simply producing software, we are now producing intelligence: that intelligence is formulated in the form of tokens that can then be expressed in whatever information modality we would like it to be,” Huang explained.

Huang stressed the importance of accelerated full-stack computing to enable this and highlighted NVIDIA's advancements.

Together, NVIDIA and Dell are providing the world's industries with a comprehensive offering – including computing, networking, storage, services and software – that powers co-pilots, coding assistants, virtual customer service agents and industrial digital twins.

Michael Dell presented the latest innovations for Dell AI Factory with NVIDIAemphasizing its ability to simplify and accelerate customers' AI journeys.

“We are unleashing this super cool power. “Everyone will have access to this technology and become smarter,” Dell said.

Dell AI Factory with NVIDIA, announced earlier this year, delivers a full stack of AI solutions from the data center to the edge, enabling organizations to quickly adopt and deploy AI at scale.

This platform integrates Dell's AI capabilities with NVIDIA's cutting-edge technologies, providing customers with an expanding AI portfolio and an open ecosystem of technology partners.

Dell AI Factory, based on partnership with NVIDIA, will help establish AI Sovereignty for countries by enabling strong data security and the development of customized AI services.

Together, Dell and NVIDIA will bring these capabilities to enterprises, help strengthen them, and help develop new applications that enterprises can deploy, Huang said.

“Our partnership with each other is really about that, literally from the ground up, building AI factories and delivering them to the world's businesses as a solution,” Huang said.

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