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Humanity is unified with the Intellect of Love – TPS – Spanish

Today, with the Sun entering the sign of Gemini, the Disciple Humanity It particularly focuses on the need to become an aspect of Divine Love and Wisdom. Heart and Mind, united and expressed by the Intellect of loveinitiate that transformation and spiritualization of matter that will activate the contribution of the human being, to elevate that magnetic radiation that allows the divided to be united and reopen the door of the True Heart of the Planetary Logos, the Hierarchy. As planetary Servers oriented towards Objective 6.3 of the evolutionary plandedicated to Communion with the world of ideasWe solemnly affirm, in the name of the New Group of World Servers, the sixth of the 12 affirmations of one Humanity (see introductory article and online ritual celebration):

Humanity is unified with the Intellect of Love

Wiblingen Monastery Library in Ulm – Germany

In this year 6.3 the incessant push of the law of Love that remains active by the 6th Ray of Devotion and abstract Idealism unites with the systemic law of Disintegration of the 3third Ray of active Intelligence: the World of Ideas manifests its law by bringing to destruction all the ideals that do not have within them the principle of Love, those ideals that do not express the 2North Dakota Ray of Love and Wisdom, the Master Builder. This Ray is connected, at the level of our Solar System, to the 2North Dakota Law of Cohesion that unites what is divided, giving rise to unity in diversity.

Even the numerical approach synthesizes a precise and orderly passage that only Gemini can unify: we are in the 6th sign of Capricorn (occult annual beginning) and in the 3rdthird sign of Aries (esoteric beginning for the evolution of consciousness). Fundamental note 6.3 of the affirmation and internal construction of the Plan is now magnified in the common consciousness, sealing the solemn moment:

“Everything is proportion and commensurity in the world of ideas governed by the Rule of Art. The accuracy illuminates him. Everything, including joy and bliss, is governed by Number. That is why each Being shines and the Law guides in all its regions. The World of Causes does not encompass any chance, disorder or doubt. There is nothing created by man, but he has the reason that causes it.

The World of Ideas does not tolerate violence or oppression, which are contrary to Harmony, its natural law.” (1)

Gemini, a sign that transmits precisely the pure 2North Dakota Ray of Love and Wisdom, is that Magnet that accelerates transformative movements: Gemini “is the force that produces the changes necessary for the evolution of the Christ consciousness at any particular point in time and space.” (2). The dualism of the Two Columns of Gemini symbolizes that polar unity that constantly seeks the perfection of balance and harmony.

The beautiful ideal that inspires the imitation of the unitary Model is the relationship between the two Luminaries of Gemini, Mercury (Lord of the 4th Ray of Harmony through conflict and exoteric ruler of the sign) and Venus (5th Ray of Concrete Knowledge and Science), its esoteric ruler.

Venus and Mercury are the Divine Hermaphrodite, that link that leads the enlightened Mind and the loving Mind to intertwine so deeply as to delineate that synthetic unity between Reality and form, between Being and becoming, between the One and the many, which reveals, in a game of infinite symmetries, the pattern and texture of the Manifestation. (3)

When Venus and Mercury work together, the builder of harmony and beauty is born, as the Thinker (Plato) suggests: “The divine is beautiful, wise, good, and all that is so; With these qualities he nourishes himself and increases to the highest degree the wing of the soul, while it is consumed and ruined by what is ugly, bad and contrary to them.

These two Luminaries teach us the use of the Mind, at its different levels: concrete mind, abstract mind and intuition or Pure Reason. This triple aspect is embodied in the personality as Intellect, which the initially selfish and separative man uses to increase the power of his personality; but later, as the consciousness of it expands, the intellect becomes the agent of expression of the solar angel (esoteric Venus), and its great capacities are put at the creative service of group conscienceof Wise or intelligent Love.

“Well, the Human Kingdom was born by virtue of the energy of the third Ray, of Active Intelligence. The primary function of humanity is intelligent creation.” (2)

“As the intellect develops and the power to concentrate on the mental plane grows, the fact of the existence of the soul becomes known and the focus of attention changes. Then follows the ability to concentrate on soul consciousness and thus merge soul and mind so that a unity occurs and man can begin to think 'in the heart of him.'” (4)

Then Dante suggests the Way:

Oh you who have complete intellects,
Observe the doctrine that is hidden
Under the veil of mysterious verses!
(Hell IX, 61-63)

This exhortation urges the intellect to go beyond, where the invisible reveals a new 'doctrine' or law, where the energy manifested as Love must unite with the mind, as an alchemical process that only the human being, the “Human Soul”, the fourth kingdom of nature, can implement:

“The conscious construction of future evolutionary forms, including the restoration of the hierarchical Plan on Earth, can truly be accomplished by the 'seven groups of Egos on the mental plane', the human Souls, the possessors of the 'manifesting force' that is the fiery Thought or 'Intellect of Love'.(5)

“TRUE lightning It is related to the intellect and should be, in its purest aspect, completely divorced from feeling. it is a condition of knowledge, is a state in which the mind is put in relationship with God, and the longer that condition can be maintained free of emotional reactions, the more direct the communication will be between the soul and its instrument, and the freer it will be from deterioration. . be the truths imparted.” (6)

“Humanity in its heart of Hearts knows the meaning of Love, although phenomenal appearances prove otherwise, as if the Heart itself were relegated to the depths of Dante's Hell, but the 'Heart of Humanity is healthy', there is only They must strive to emerge from the swamps of suffering and the spirals of desire, following the law of Cohesion, and unite what is apparently divided.

Plato speaks of two 'impulses' that do not constitute an absolute duality, because the lower is nothing more than an 'image' of the higher, the love of the senses imitates the paradigm or model of intelligent Love that, once expressed, integrates the sensible. The intellect of Love encompasses the entire vital circumference of the entity (of the being), and by transfiguring it, elevates it to the Heavens; What is needed is to awaken THE INTELLECT OF LOVE, the intelligible thing that we all possess but that for many is still in a latent state.” (7)

An angel cries out in the Intellect of God: “My Lord, on earth, for all to see, there is a miracle whose quality arises from a soul shining on high.” (8)

It remains a responsibility of all of us to discern the Path, we who daily propose to investigate the Truth, the light of the true Culture that the Intellect of Love reveals:

“You who determine the destinies of nations! Enter the laboratories, climb the observatories, and although you may not immediately discover an analogy to social problems, your investigative intellect will grasp the complexity of the structure of reality. You will realize the inseparability of the destiny of human evolution from cosmic processes. Therefore, real and unprejudiced knowledge will be the sure guide to the future.” (9)

Let us conclude this journey towards the Intellect of Love of Gemini, the sign that unites opposite poles and drives us to lift our eyes to the skywith a wonderful image that Dante, in communion with the brotherhood of the Fedeli d'Amore (Faithful of Love), gave of the Intellect of Love, initiating us to wonder, beauty, goodness, tender love and the unity of the Heart and the Mind. , through verse, the charm and magic that only the beauty of true poetry can express:

And if I raise my eyes to look,

A seismic tremor begins inside my heart.

that drives away my very soul from my pulse. (10)

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