June 21, 2024
1 Solar System Way, Planet Earth, USA

Larian already made the Dragon Age 4 I expected

Five minutes before the game is revealed. Dragon Age: Veil Guard I was still hoping that I would love it. Despite rumors of internal reboots, BioWare layoffs, Dreadwolf's name change, and the out-of-field reveal trailer, I was officially the latest clown sitting in the car on a PC Gamer team full of disgruntled Dragon Age fans. . Now that we've seen 20 minutes of action, combat, and theatrics, I'm finally willing to admit that BioWare is simply no longer interested in making the Dragon Age game I want to play.

My fellow RPG player Joshua Wolens saw in person a longer version of the intro sequence that BioWare released today and said: Dragon Age becomes what it was probably always meant to be: a Mass Effect game.

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