June 16, 2024
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Microsoft announces all-digital 1TB Xbox Series X and Series S consoles in white

Following the launch of the new black Xbox Series S with expanded storage, Microsoft is introducing new versions of the Xbox Series . , unlike the PlayStation 5.

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New options include the Xbox Series X in 1TB and 2TB variants. The 1TB model comes in white (Robot White), while the 2TB model, known as “Galaxy Black,” includes a physical disk drive. Additionally, the company is expanding the series with a new Xbox Series S with 1TB of storage, available in a white version.

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Rumors about the white version of the Xbox Series X have been circulating since March, when initial images of the device were shared. At that time, it was revealed that this version would also lack a disc player. The same rumors suggested that the console had received minor updates to improve cooling with an improved heatsink, although this was not mentioned during the Xbox Showcase.

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Interestingly, the all-digital version of the Xbox Series Microsoft, which showed a cylindrical version of the console without a disc player. The console actually exists, but Microsoft has kept the original square design.

All three variants will be launched this holiday season. The price of the new consoles is as follows:

– Xbox Series X – 2TB Galaxy Black Special Edition: $599.99/€649.99
– Xbox Series X – 1TB Digital Edition: $449.99/€499.99
– Xbox Series S – 1TB in Robot White: $349.99/€349.99

Fountain: microsoft

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