June 21, 2024
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MSI unveils AI-generated, dragon-themed RTX 40 series skin, but will it actually hit stores?

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MSI has been among some of the tech industry's biggest brands to unveil new products at this year's Computex. The company has revealed a number of new products, including two new Z980 motherboards and a new RTX 4080 Super. Included in these announcements is a reveal of this featured design, where MSI has unveiled the new RTX 40 series with dragon-themed AI-generated decorations. Let's take a closer look at these editions and what they will be like.

What are the dragon designs like?

The new Geforce RTX Series 40 cards revealed at Computex, demonstrated the new FUZION Series with a built-in AIO cooling solution and its AI-generated dragon-themed design. This dragon-themed design features custom 3D printed elements, such as dragon figures rising from the card. The concept cards presented at Computex were based on the RTX 4060 and RTX 4090 SKUs. These designs are represented in the image below, published by MSI on X.

Image credit: videocardz

Despite its intriguing appearance, it seems like this type of design could present some impractical challenges for the cards. The 3D printed dragons that would connect to the GPUs would potentially obstruct their airflow. On top of that, the extra size would make it difficult to ship the cards to customers. Therefore, it is likely that these designs are solely for the purpose of attracting customers to Computex and are not actually available on the market. Despite this, it could be suggested that producing such a design will inspire future innovations in MSI's aesthetics department.

The RTX 4090 presented with the new design at Computex is based on the SUPRIM version. This product features a triple fan configuration and a green color scheme. Anyway, the product presented looks quite different from the original SUPRIM design, suggesting that while the heatsink and fans are from the model, the cover has been generated by AI.

As mentioned above, these products are unlikely to reach the market due to their sheer impracticality. Showing the cards at Computex could have been MSI's way of attracting the crowd to draw attention to its new products. Adding an AI element to the mix is ​​always a great way to get customers to notice your product; However, it looks like we may not see these 3D printed dragons on shelves anytime soon.

Image credit: videocardz

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