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Relationship between Shamballa and the Hierarchy – TPS – English

Today we celebrate the Wesak PartyI in the Taurus Full Moon (April 23, 11:50 p.m. GMT, April 24, 1:50 a.m. CET), designated as the day of greatest spiritual opportunity of the year. For Buddhists, Wesak marks the birth, enlightenment and death of Buddha. In Eternal Wisdom it is a living event, a moment in which The hierarchy and Shamballa, our planetary centers of the Heart and Head, strengthen Their relationship, and the Buddha showers a great blessing on the world. This blessing results in an unusual influx of life and spiritual stimulation, vitalizing the aspirations of all people of good will everywhere.

Therefore, Wesak is the climax of the spiritual year. Legend tells of a sacred ceremony in which Buddha, Christ, and the enlightened beings at the heart of all religions deliver a special blessing to the world. We are One with this Event: a great channel of Light that uplifts all life..

Here are some excerpts from the Esoteric Teachings to illustrate the relationship between these two greats. Planetary centers:

“Space is etheric in nature and, so the occult sciences tell us, space is an entity… (Man) can imagine this space as the field of divine living activity, filled with active intelligent forms, each placed in the etheric body of this unknown Entity, each related to each other through the power that not only maintains them in being but preserves their position with each other… (Space) is the recipient of many types of informational energies and penetrating, and it is also the field for the intelligent activity of the Resident Lives in the Universe, of the many constellations, of the distant stars, of our solar system, of the planets within the system, and of all that constitutes the sum total of these separate living forms. The factor that relates them is consciousness and nothing else…” (1)

“(The) One Life (is) flowing through all forms and all kingdoms, or through all the various planetary evolutions (of which you know nothing) and thus creating in time and space one living planetary Entity.” intelligent system of systemic maturity, qualified by immense attractive and integrative energies, motivated by a supreme Purpose, a Purpose that is part of the vast purpose of the solar Logos, working through the planetary Logos… The relationship evoked is, as you can well imagine, interplanetary and extraplanetary… the effect of these relationships, carried out through this medium, is the gradual development and progressive development of the three divine Aspects… Therefore, the contributing factor, within and upon our planet, is what we could consider as the three main centers of the planetary Logos. :

  1. The main centerthe dynamic Agent of extraplanetary Purpose, the expression of the planetary divine Will focused on Shamballa. This is the energy of Synthesis…
  2. The Heart Center, the Agent of the Evolution Plan. This is the expression of the divine. Love or Pure Reason, the Hierarchy. It is essentially the energy of Attraction…
  3. The center of the throatthe Agent of the three Aspects in relation to the three subhuman kingdoms of nature, the expression also of divine Intelligence, Humanity. This is the energy of the active Mind… (2)

“Little is known of Shamballa except by the Members of the Hierarchy for whom that center is the goal in the same way that the Hierarchy is, at this time, the goal for humanity. Shamballa is the directing center of the Hierarchy. In reality, little is known about the will of God except those whose function is to interpret and express that will through love, intelligently applied. They know what the immediate purpose is and their main occupation is to bring that will to manifestation.” (3)

“That which impresses Shamballa and is received by the Great Council of the Lord of the World, comes through Sanat Kumara (the Entity which is the Personality of our planetary Logos) because HE is in close contact with other planetary Logoi or groups of Logos. planetariums. , exercising a united, focused and intelligent Will. It is Sanat Kumara whose task is to impress the Lives who gather periodically in the Council Chamber with the next phase of the unfolding Purpose. This Purpose is then “hiddenly reduced” or lowered until it emerges as the hierarchical purpose. Plan…The Hierarchy is not a group of mystical workers; only those aspects of the divine Purpose which can be grasped and developed immediately and which are evidently valuable to humanity, when presented in the correct form by the Hierarchy, are recorded by Them… This “impression” emanating from Shamballa takes the form of a focused emanation… “(4)

“The energy flowing through the Hierarchy at this time – the energy of love – seeks to mingle with that flowing from Shamballa and is necessary to realize the desired application. The problem of the Hierarchy at this time is to produce a wise and appropriate fusion of Shamballa and the hierarchical energies and thus moderate the destruction and bring to the fore the spirit of construction, setting in motion the constructive and rehabilitative forces of the latter. lightning energy. The energy of Shamballa prepares the way for the energy of the Hierarchy.” (5)

“Today, as… the flow of spiritual energy from Shamballa to the Hierarchical Center becomes greater, there is a great activation of human receptivity and greatly increased stimulation with varying effects is occurring. This implies intensified aspiration and spiritual determination. It also means an opportunity of unprecedented nature.” (6)

From Shamballa itself. This is a flow of energizing life or what we might call “unlimited enlightenment”; this impresses the purpose or will of the Lord of the World upon the united Hierarchy in a manner incomprehensible to you; It also creates a dynamic magnetic impulse that enables the graduated initiates, through the Ashrams, to organize the Plan and set it in motion, so that the Purpose gradually materializes on Earth.” (7)

“The Hierarchy is the Custody of that aspect of the cyclical planetary Purpose which is called Plan; This covers relatively short periods such as that of civilizations, as far as humanity is concerned. In relation to Shamballa, the middle group of meditative and creative Workers is called into activity to receive the impression of the immediate and desired hierarchical activity, to transmit the necessary energies from Shamballa to the united Ashrams and thus, esoterically, “inform” “The Hierarchy of that which deserves immediate attention.” (8)

“His main task as Head of the Hierarchy (Christ-Bodhisattva) is to evoke the electric fire of Shamballa, the energy of the divine Will, and this in such a way that the Hierarchy can approach the source of Life… He Now seeks to relate more closely, with the help of the Buddha, the Hierarchy with Shamballa, love with the will, the electric fire with the solar fire.” (9)

“Meditation is the instinctive way by which the Hierarchy, in response to the invocation of the three worlds (mental, astral and etheric/physical), approaches the higher Center, Shamballa; then the Hierarchy evokes the energies, Beings and spiritual influence that hierarchical service requires in the immediate future.” (10)

“There are crisis points in moments of superlative tension in the meditative work of all hierarchical Ashrams. At the times of the new moon and full moon, all members of all the Ashrams meditate deeply in an invoking and evocative way… Three times a year: at the festivals of April, May and June (the full moon of Aries or Easter, of Taurus or Wesak, and of Gemini or the Spirit of Good Will)—there is a united hierarchical meditation directed by the Christ; These Festivals invoke Shamballa or that which lies beyond the Nirmanakayas and can only be carried out safely in united meditation, under directed guidance and the highest possible inspiration… only the entire group of Ashrams, the Hierarchy in its entirety. together, you can approach Shamballa. .” (eleven)

“This process of protection and distribution is one of the functions of the great gathering of the entire Hierarchy, under the aegis of the three Great Lords (the Manu, the Mahachohan and the Christ) in that high and sacred valley of the Himalayas where annually —after due preparation—the Hierarchy makes contact with Shamballa and then a relationship is established between the “bright and living center” and the “radiant and magnetic center,” so that the “acquiescent waiting center” (Humanityt) can be stimulated to advance on the ladder of evolution.” (12)

“Therefore we have the activity of the Buddha on the Full Moon of May and that of the Christ on the Full Moon of the following June. Their united activity serves to bring about a much closer approach between the Lord of the World and the Hierarchy, through His four Representatives: the Buddha, the Christ, the Manu and the Mahachohan, the five points of energy that are creating the five points. . pointed star of Humanity at this moment.” (13)

“When humanity has been led in its consciousness from one state of understanding to another and of recognized interrelation, the kingdom of God will be established on Earth and the Ruler of the Earth will then work through the Hierarchy to produce that synthetic response, living and creative. of nature (of which humanity is a part) that will allow each kingdom to fully reveal the glory of God. Shamballa will work through the Hierarchy and the Hierarchy will, in turn, reach into the various kingdoms of nature through Humanity, which will then enter into its predetermined and destined function. “This is why everything is happening.” (14)

From the center where the Will of God is known

Let Purpose guide the small wills of men

The Purpose that Masters know and serve


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