June 21, 2024
1 Solar System Way, Planet Earth, USA

Rise to new heights with Grappin, available to pre-order now

Hello Xbox community!

I'm Ahmin Hafidi, a game designer at Polylabo, a microgame studio (emphasis on micro) based in Tokyo, Japan.

Today I would like to introduce you to the first Polylabo game, Grappin.

Grappin is a first-person adventure game focused on exploration, action, and grappling hooks.

You wake up alone in your town, it's raining a lot and it's dark. Your only way is to move forward and you'll soon come across the Grip, a mysterious artifact that you can also use as a grappling hook. Very convenient, right?

Your objective is set: you must take the Grip to the Grip Shrine, located at the top of the highest mountain. It's easier said than done, believe me!

Grappin Screenshot

In Grappin, you will embark on an epic first-person adventure to reach the top of the mountain. A variety of biomes await you to explore, each with their own unique challenges. Begin your journey in a wide valley at the base of the mountain, navigate through fiery lava caves and brave a dangerous icy ridge as you make your way to the top. And more!

The core of GrappinThe gameplay revolves around the versatile grappling hook called Grip. The Grip has two different shapes: the Normal Grip, which allows you to launch onto clay surfaces, and the Trace Grip, which also grips onto clay surfaces but is capable of covering very long distances at high speed, making it ideal to step back and explore. .

Grappin Screenshot

There are more than 50 relics spread around the world waiting to be discovered. Legend has it that collecting them all will unlock the mystery surrounding the mountain and Grip himself, rewarding those who take the time to explore every corner. Exploration is key!

Grappin Screenshot

Benoit and I, the game composer, have put our hearts into creating this game and we hope you enjoy your journey to the top of the mountain.

It's been a dream of mine to release my own indie title on consoles and I'm beyond happy to finally say this:

Grappin It's now available for pre-order on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC!

Releasing June 6th!

Enough talk, now keep sharpening your hook, put on your fleece and scarf!

Are you ready for an exciting adventure?

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GET HOOKED ON ADVENTURE Experience the thrill of adventure and test your climbing and platforming skills in GRAPPIN, the first-person adventure game that takes you to new heights. EXPLORE THE UNKNOWN After a mysterious awakening, you discover the Grip, an artifact that serves as a grappling hook. Your mission is clear: return the Grip to the Grip Shrine, located at the top of the highest mountain. CLIMB TO NEW HEIGHTS Navigate through challenging environments and overcome obstacles as you travel to the top of the mountain. From fiery lava caves to treacherous ridges, you'll need to master using your grappling hook to survive. As you explore, discover over 50 relics to unravel the mystery surrounding the Grip and the mountain. Are you ready for an exciting adventure?

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