June 21, 2024
1 Solar System Way, Planet Earth, USA

Spilled! It's the ocean cousin of PowerWash Simulator, and just as cold

I have been touring Next Steam Festival demonstrations specifically for something relaxed, and Spilled! – even though it sounds like the title of a musical about turned milk – has worked very well. It's a light and windy ocean cleanup game where you'll have to sail a cute little boat through polluted seas, cleaning up oil slicks and collecting plastic bottles. Even if you don't have all the details of PowerWash Simulator either Viscera cleaning detailIt satisfies in a very similar way and I would very much like to get back in the water when the full game is completed.

Spilled! Technically it works on a cash-for-trash system: returning collected waste to a stationary mothership will reward you with coins, which you can then spend on upgrading your own vessel's speed, oil carrying capacity, and blade size. However, ultimately these updates are optional and their only real task is collecting those contaminants in the first place. As well as the occasional rescue of enhanced wild animals, which are later added to… some kind of collection? It may just be a UI thing, but I like to think that all the animals come to hang out on the boat out of gratitude.

Either way, the pleasure is largely found in the cleaning itself, rather than the rewards. And what a soft, cozy kind of pleasure it is. Maybe as an Englishman, I just want to live out someone's fantasy. relieve my nation's water of its excrement, but anyone with a functioning heart should feel comforted from within with Spilled!'s river wash. As the black spots disappear, the hellish red waters gradually return to a crystal blue, revealing even happier fauna beneath the surface. Meanwhile, the nearby hills are packed with solar panels and wind turbines, making each new expanse of pristine water seem not only a return to the natural order, but also a step closer to the harmonious green ideal that the inhabitants of this world they have managed to discover. land.

Collecting a lot of plastic waste at Spilled!
In a matter of minutes, you'll be sweeping up enough polyurethane to make MrBeast angry and angry. | Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Lens

It's not a challenge by any means, but that's the point, and at least there are a few different types of junk that can be eliminated to break up the routine. Oil slicks can be overcome by simply sailing, but discarded plastic must be manually pushed back to the control boat, requiring more careful steering. Eventually you get a water cannon to clean stains above the waterline; Again, this might lack the puzzle element of the PowerWash Sim's interchangeable nozzles, but I'll be damned if I don't smile at its cartoon-like bubbling effect.

In that sense, Spilled! Understand that any cleaning game worth its salt needs a healthy collection of ear-pleasing sounds. These keep the gratification coming, whether it's the gentle hum of the oil vacuum cleaner, the air of plastic bottles hitting each other on the paddle, or just the slight drip as your boat navigates freshly cleaned water. All that plus an appropriately fluid piano and string soundtrack.

Can try the demo yourself, including three stages of the eight planned for the game. A closer inspection of the Steam store page also reveals that Spilled! is actually being developed on a ship too, so you're sure to get navigation points there.

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