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Synology World Backup Day 2024 Overview + Demo!

Ahead of World Backup Day on March 31, Synology held an exclusive briefing and demonstration of its cutting-edge security and data management features. Watch the video and find out what Synology demonstrated.

Synology World Backup Day 2024 Overview + Demo!

On 21 March 2024, Jason Sin, Country Manager of Synology Malaysia, held an exclusive briefing and demonstration of its latest security and data management features in Kuala Lumpur.

The live session showcased Synology's exclusive backup features such as Active Backup Suite and Snapshot Replication; highlighting practical use cases against malicious access, accidental deletion and ransomware threats.

Jason Sin also emphasized the importance of data integrity and recovery from virus or ransomware attacks.

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During his presentation, he showed three critical phases of a robust data protection process using Synology solutions:

Preventing ransomware attacks

Proven sinology Secure logina secure login framework designed to enhance the account security of Synology DiskStation Manager (DSM), the operating system that powers each Synology NAS.

This feature verifies logins using several methods, including approved logins, verification codes (OTP), and hardware security keys. This allows users and businesses to significantly reduce the risk of unauthorized access and potential ransomware attacks.

Centralized data protection

Active Backup for Business is Synology's all-in-one data protection solution. Synology highlighted its ability to centralize protection across various IT environments, including virtualized environments, physical servers, file servers, and personal computers.

In the demo session, Synology showed how administrators can efficiently implement and manage data protection strategies through a centralized management console, ensuring comprehensive backup coverage and seamless continuity of operations.

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Synology DSM 5.2-5644 Major Update

Comprehensive and optimized data recovery

Synology demonstrated how Snapshot Replication efficiently streamlined data recovery, providing backup capabilities against threats such as accidental deletion and viruses. Synology also simulated a ransomware attack by encrypting a file, followed by rapid data recovery performed via Snapshot Replication.

This demonstrated its effectiveness in restoring systems to a previous state and emphasized that only a fast and comprehensive data solution is effective for both end users and businesses. Administrators can configure scheduled snapshots and retention settings, ensuring efficient data management and recovery, even in scenarios where ransomware attacks occur.

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