June 21, 2024
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The Space Foundation Now Accepting Nominations for the 2025 Space Technology Hall of Fame Induction Class

Written by: Space Foundation Editorial Team

  • The recognition celebrates space technologies that bring positive impacts to life on Earth.
  • Nominations are open until August 30, 2024
  • New members will be honored at the Space Symposium, April 7-10, 2025

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado – June 4, 2024 – Space Foundationa nonprofit organization founded in 1983, providing education, collaboration and information for the global space ecosystem, today announced that nominations are now open for induction in 2025 to the distinguished Space Technology Hall of Fame. The swearing-in ceremony will take place during Space Symposiumtaking place April 7-10, 2025 at The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs.

“Space technologies have had a profound impact on our daily lives,” he noted. Heather Pringle, executive director of the Space Foundation. “The Space Foundation is honored to recognize dedicated individuals and organizations along with their groundbreaking innovations. “Each inductee into our Space Technology Hall of Fame reinforces the importance of advancing space technology and inspires others to follow in their footsteps.”

Founded in 1988, the Space Technology Hall of Fame recognizes the life-changing technologies emerging from global space programs; honors the scientists, engineers and innovators responsible for its creation; and communicates to the public the importance of these technologies as a return on investment in space exploration.

Anyone can nominate technologies developed anywhere in the world for use in space and then modified or adapted for use on Earth. Selected nominees will be officially inducted into the Space Technology Hall of Fame during a special awards ceremony to be held during the Space Symposium. Nominations must be completed online by Friday, August 30, 2024.

Individuals and organizations can nominate up to three technologies, including previously nominated technologies that have not previously been incorporated. Supporting materials such as technical documents and product literature submitted for review will be evaluated for integrity. The candidate technologies will then be presented to an esteemed panel of judges and ranked based on the Space Technology Hall of Fame selection criteria.

To nominate a technology, visit www.spacefoundation.org/nominate-a-technology.

Selection Criteria for the Space Technology Hall of Fame

Public response: The public response caused by technology. Can the public easily grasp and understand the derived application? Does it have promotional value by highlighting the benefits of space exploration? Does it stimulate interest and career pursuit and/or grow the workforce in the space ecosystem?

Social benefit: The positive impact of technology on health, safety, efficiency, conservation or education and other social benefits. Does the technology have important benefits for a significant segment of humanity or society as a whole? Does technology promote greater technological advances and/or better lives on Earth?

Economic benefit: The economic activity resulting from technology. Has technology been the basis or a significant contributor to the successful sale of products and/or has it generated a new growing company? Has it helped cultivate a vibrant and economically strong space ecosystem?

Leadership Investment: The importance of development efforts. Was the initial development effort an example of an inclusive, innovative and sustainable workforce, and/or did the development effort provide entrepreneurial opportunities?

Longevity: The commercial life of technology. How long has the technology and/or its application been used successfully? Has it effectively evolved over time and become more refined and distributed in its use and applications? Each nomination is reviewed for integrity, ranked by an annually appointed panel of judges who score against selection criteria, and then evaluated by technical experts.

Members of the Space Technology Hall of Fame

2024 Space Technology Hall of Fame Inductees include:

  • Systems Tool Kit (STK)
  • Remineralizing toothpaste with hydroxyapatite

Other technologies introduced have included energy-saving devices, health-improving tools, telecommunications and satellite technologies, and practical business items. All built-in technologies can be seen in www.spacefoundation.org/inducted-technologies/.

For more information or questions about the nomination process, please contact (email protected).

About the Space Technology Hall of Fame

Space Technology Hall of Fame, launched in 1988 by the Space Foundation in partnership with NASA, honors individuals, organizations and companies that adapt technologies originally developed for space to improve the quality of life on Earth, as well as to inspire future space innovators. Honorees are nominated by the space community and the global space agency's technology transfer offices, reviewed by a panel of technology and space experts, and inducted into the Space Technology Hall of Fame at a reception. special in Space Symposium. For more information or to nominate a technology, visit www.spacetechhalloffame.org.

About the Space Foundation

Space Foundation is a nonprofit organization founded in 1983 that provides education, collaboration and information for the global space ecosystem. Driven by partnerships, the Space Foundation unites the full spectrum of stakeholders – business, government, education and local communities – through the support of corporate members, sponsors, fundraising and grants. Visit the Space Foundation at www.SpaceFoundation.organd follow us on Facebook, x, instagram, LinkedIn and Youtube.


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