June 16, 2024
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The United States quietly revokes Intel + Qualcomm export licenses to Huawei!

The US government has quietly revoked some export licenses from Intel and Qualcomm, cutting off more chip supplies to Huawei!

America silent revokes Intel + Qualcomm export licenses to Huawei!

A week after Huawei unveiled its MateBook Huawei!

It does not appear that Intel violated any sanctions by supplying its latest Core processors to Huawei for its laptop. After all, Intel received a license to export laptop CPUs to Huawei in 2020. Qualcomm also received a license in 2020 to sell older 4G chips to Huawei.

However, U.S. politicians critical of China have said that any Commerce Department authorization “It would be unacceptable and would be a failure to enforce export controls against a champion blacklisted by the Chinese Communist Party.

That could explain the quiet revocation of existing export licenses on Tuesday, May 7, 2024, which not only affected Intel and Qualcomm, but also other unnamed companies.

The US Commerce Department confirmed that it revoked some export licenses, but did not specify which licenses were canceled or which companies were affected. However, Intel and Qualcomm have confirmed that some (but not all) of their licenses were revoked.

While AMD has not been mentioned, it seems likely that Intel's rival could also be affected.

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The United States quietly revokes Intel + Qualcomm export licenses to Huawei!

Intel + Qualcomm's revoked export licenses will hurt Huawei

The revoked export licenses appear to target processors and System-on-a-Chip (SoC) used in laptops and smartphones, although it is still unknown which exact chips are affected.

The loss of high-performance computing chips will especially hurt Huawei as it has no viable alternative, especially if AMD also has its export licenses revoked.

Huawei was able to circumvent US sanctions last year by developing the HiSilicon Kirin 9000S mobile SoC for its Mate 60 series of smartphones and manufacturing it using SMIC's 7nm process technology. But you won't be able to do this with their laptops, which are based on the x86 architecture.

That said, it seems likely that the US government is only interested in limiting the export of high-performance processors to Huawei. If Intel and Qualcomm are still allowed to sell less powerful chips to Huawei, it may not be a death sentence for the beleaguered Chinese company. But it will certainly hurt their competitiveness.

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