June 16, 2024
1 Solar System Way, Planet Earth, USA
Solar System

This week, outside the world: Japan's SLIM lander survives the lunar night, the first Belarusian woman in space and much more…

  This is where you can donate to help Ukrainian refugees and war victims. 

…and here is (a) place where you can donate to help the children in Afghanistan, trapped under the Taliban regime.


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SpaceX powers up Starship twice in preparation for Flight 4 launch

See a real-time map of Starlinks orbiting Earth – Universe Today

Watch India's reusable launch vehicle on test land on runway

Soyuz MS-25 docking

Reading material:

A stewardess becomes the first Belarusian woman in space at the launch of the Soyuz bound for the ISS | Space

HIV drugs manufactured in space and the advantages that manufacturing in microgravity can have.

Research opportunities on upcoming commercial space stations

Boeing's satellite business focuses on military opportunities – SpaceNews

Japanese lunar lander company ispace raises $53.5 million in stock sale – SpaceNews

Satellite companies cautiously optimistic as Defense Department increases funding to integrate commercial satellite communications – SpaceNews

China appears to be trying to save stricken spacecraft from lunar limb – SpaceNews

Ignored 1970s Apollo Data Reveals Huge Record of 'Hidden' Moonquakes | Space

In-orbit maintenance mission planned for military satellite in 2025 – SpaceNews

Europa has big plans for Saturn's moon Enceladus – Universe Today

Mars' Gale Crater was filled with water for much longer than previously thought – Universe Today

NASA's VERITAS mission gives new life – Universe Today

Euclid telescope's view of 'dark universe' restored through de-icing campaign | Space

ExLabs plans private mission to encounter asteroid Apophis – SpaceNews

UK Space Agency to open office in Scotland for first time – Business Insider

'Another milestone': ISRO rocket achieves orbital debris-free mission – The Economic Times (indiatimes.com)

The UK Space Agency will open four new bases across the country (msn.com)

Drilling for water ice on Mars: How close are we to achieving it? | Space

NASA optimistic about resolving Voyager 1 computing problem – SpaceNews

Astrobotic hires space industry veterans to help with Griffin lander – SpaceNews

Connecting the dots | Crackdown on Illegal Inbound NGSO Services – SpaceNews

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