June 21, 2024
1 Solar System Way, Planet Earth, USA

Webinar Replay: Space Loves AI: How AI Promises to Transform Space Operations

For satellite operators, the potential benefits of AI are impossible to ignore. As Earth observation and communications constellations expand, artificial intelligence tools promise to streamline operations, reduce in-orbit collisions, and accelerate analysis of remote sensing data.

The opportunities and challenges of space-based AI were discussed with experts from Aerospace Corporation, Stanford University's Center for AEroSpace Autonomy Research (CAESAR), Magnestar, and Redwire Space.


Mike Nemerouf, director
Aerospace Corporation for Innovation, Science and Technology

Al Tadros, Chief Technology Officer
Red wire gap

Simone D'Amico, co-founder
Stanford Center for Aerospace Autonomy Research


Deborah Werner
Senior Editor

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Whether your mission requires high-resolution persistent imaging or rugged communications, the highly flexible design of Redwire's SabreSat VLEO platform delivers. SabreSat is designed for performance, endurance and cost-effectiveness, and can be produced in volume to meet the needs of large constellations.

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