June 21, 2024
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You'll get the Warner Bros Brawler MultiVersus Premium Battle Pass for free if you played the beta

Everything and then the licensed kitchen sink. fighting game MultiVersus returns next week after a self-imposed post-beta exile of almost a year. With the decision to remove the game from sale and shut down its servers for months after allowing people to spend their real-life money on unlocking costumes and such (without refunds), its developers are now apparently looking to give something back. return.

Player's first games say will allow anyone who played the MultiVersus beta to access the premium season one battle pass without paying a dime. That will also mean that you will be able to unlock the game's features. Jason Voorhees absolutely brother-in-law of Friday the 13th – the first reward in the paid pass – free instead of paying money too. (You will be offered in-game currency and character tokens in the future if you miss it.)

The developers also tried to assure people who shelled out cash for the track that they'll get their money's worth, saying they've increased the number of “high-value” elements: ringers, alternate characters, taunts, and in-game currency. from Gleamium, a word I immediately dislike, both in the free and premium passes. In true Fortnite fashion, leveling up the Battle Pass enough will grant you enough Gleamium (shudder) to cover the cost of the next Battle Pass without investing any more real money, so you can technically pay once and then play enough for its eight . duration of one week to continue unlocking everything.

In addition to the free Battle Pass, beta players will also receive a costume for Adventure Time's Finn the Human that puts the lanky hero in a comfy snowsuit, plus a “special edition” animation featuring some rising stars.

Finn from Adventure Time with his Snow Suit variant in the Warner Bros. fighting game MultiVersus
Image credit: Warner Bros

There will also be plenty to grab for fans of anthropomorphic bananas, as Adventure Time's surprise contender, Banana Guard, will be unlockable as a playable character by progressing through a seven-day tutorial. By completing a full week's worth of rewards schedule, you'll also earn Lady Banana Guard, which is exactly who you'd expect based on that name. To round out the banana offerings, players returning from the open beta will be able to change their announcer to a Banana Guard voice pack. That is absolutely… amazing!

To collect the merchandise, you will need to log in to the returns page. free game between its (re)release date on May 28 and June 11. based on Ed's time with him in 2022MultiVersus is a fairly promising contender for a slick and entertaining Smash Bros-style game on PC; certainly doubly so if you're a big fan of the Warner Bros IP, for some reason.

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