June 16, 2024
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Noble Audio Onyx Review

With a long-standing admiration for NobleI couldn't wait to explore his most recent creation, the noble onyx. At $3,200, this latest addition promises to continue the brand's tradition of excellence. Join me to find out what sets the Onyx apart from the rest of the in-ear monitor world. Are you intrigued to know more about Noble's latest IEM? Let's embark on this journey together and discover its secrets.

What you get
Noble Onyx in-ear monitors
2-pin connector cable (4.4 mm)
Stylish leather-look carrying case
Several pairs of ear tips
User manual

look and feel
From the moment I saw the Noble Onyx, I was struck by its sleek black design and intricate silver pattern, which oozes luxury. Placing them in my ears felt comfortable and comfortable, promising hours of enjoyable listening. Beyond exceptional sound, the personal connection with these headphones, from their sleek aesthetics to their comfortable fit, made every listening session a pleasure. The included Eletech Courage cable, featuring 4-core OCC silver-plated copper and a 4.4mm termination, ensures signal purity and versatile connectivity, enhancing the overall experience. At its core, the Noble Onyx and its accompanying cable offer a complete package of style, comfort, and superior audio quality for audiophiles to enjoy.

Design and functionality
The Noble Onyx IEM epitomizes audio excellence with its 8-driver quadbrid arrangement, combining a dynamic bone driver and Knowles balanced armature drivers with Sonion electrostatic technology. Its custom 10mm dynamic driver ensures powerful bass response, complemented by four Knowles BA drivers that deliver impeccably reproduced mid and high frequencies. Dual Sonion electrostatic drivers and a PZT bone driver create an expansive soundstage, capturing every nuance with precision. Made from precision CNC machined aluminum, Onyx cases exude durability and elegance, accented by a Raffir composite faceplate and stainless steel wax guard. At its core, the Noble Onyx IEM redefines audio luxury, seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technology with meticulous craftsmanship to deliver an unparalleled listening experience.

sound stage
Using my Questyle M15 amplifier to test the Noble Onyx was eye-opening. From the beginning, I was surprised by the wide soundstage they offered. What really stood out was the bright, crisp quality of the mids and highs – it was truly impressive. The overall sound balance is simply perfect, ensuring every detail stands out. If you're like me and love vibrant effects, you'll be delighted with the Onyx. Overall, these headphones provide an exceptional sound experience that is sure to impress, especially for fans of bright, detailed sound.

low end
For those like me who prefer a more balanced sound and aren't fans of overwhelming bass, the Noble Onyx is the best option. While testing them in various genres, I found the bass to be well controlled and not too overbearing. However, when listening to electronic music, I can't help but wish for a little more presence in the bass department. That said, the Onyx excels with other genres, providing clean, articulate bass that complements vocals and instruments beautifully. Additionally, what really impressed me was the clarity and separation in the lower frequencies, allowing each bass note to be heard with precision.

The midrange performance of the Noble Onyx is amazing. During my listening sessions, tracks like The Jazz Pops' “I Will Survive” revealed a slight emphasis on the lower mids, which surprisingly improved the placement of each instrument. The vocals were performed with exceptional clarity and warmth, while the instruments retained their individual presence. This balanced presentation, coupled with impressive fidelity and depth, ensures an engaging listening experience across multiple music genres. Overall, the Noble Onyx excels at delivering realistic midrange frequencies, making it a great choice for audiophiles looking for immersive sound.

The highs of the Noble Onyx are simply exquisite. Whether it's delicate cymbal hits or the brilliant resonance of a violin, the Onyx captures every detail with precision and clarity. Throughout my listening experience, I found the treble to be bright and crisp, adding a delightful sparkle to the overall sound signature. What's impressive is how well balanced the treble is, never being overpowering or fatiguing, but instead perfectly complementing the mids and bass. At its core, the Noble Onyx offers captivating and refined highs, making it the best choice for those who appreciate clear, detailed sound.

My journey with the Noble Onyx has been extraordinary. From their stylish exterior to the immersive sound they offer, these headphones have truly left an impression. While I crave a touch more bass on certain tracks, the overall balance between rich mids and crisp highs is notable. Whether you're fascinated by the soulful melodies of jazz or delving into the intricate layers of electronic music, the Onyx never fails to hypnotize. They have become my go-to choice for an immersive audio experience, reinforcing my admiration for Noble's craftsmanship and innovation.

noble onyx is available for preorder at Audio46

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