June 16, 2024
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AMD X870 is the next generation high-end motherboard for Ryzen 9000 Zen 5 CPUs

Computex 2024 is just around the corner and we expect to see several exciting new PC hardware announcements. A highly anticipated product launch is AMD's next-generation Ryzen 9000 desktop motherboards and CPUs. Right now, the latest AMD motherboards available in the market are the X670(E) and B650(E) series motherboards. However, in a surprising move, reports claim that AMD will skip the “X770” naming scheme and use “X870” instead to match Intel's upcoming Z890 series of motherboards.

amd x870 computex 2024 motherboards

High-end AMD X870 motherboards for Zen 5 Ryzen 9000 Granite Ridge CPUs coming soon

Recently, Benchlife.info obtained a Gigabyte Aorus B650E Aorus PRO X USB4 motherboard. Despite being in the “B650E” category, this motherboard has several next-generation features. It appears to be designed for the upcoming Granite Ridge CPUs or Ryzen 9000 Zen 5 desktop CPUs, according to Benchlife.

Some of these features that are currently not present on AMD's X670 motherboards are USB4 interface, WiFi 7 wireless connectivity, Sensor Panel Link (only available on Z790 Aorus Pro X), and reinforced PCIe slots. There were rumors that NVIDIA's RTX 5090 Founders Edition could be a big, beefy 4-slot graphics card with three PCBs and a huge, heavy GPU cooler design.

The upcoming AMD X870 motherboards will feature the same AM5 LGA-1718 socket, a testament to AMD's commitment to backward compatibility. This socket is compatible with the current Ryzen 7000 desktop CPUs and Ryzen 8000G CPUs, as well as the highly anticipated Ryzen 9000 Zen 5 “Granite Ridge” CPUs.

AMD Ryzen 9000 Zen 5 Desktop CPU at Computex 2024

AMD Ryzen 9000 Zen5 Granite Ridge Desktop CPUAMD Ryzen 9000 Zen5 Granite Ridge Desktop CPU

In addition to AMD's next-generation of a new motherboard launch.

According to rumors, AMD will announce or reveal the next-generation CPUs at Computex 2024, with the expected release date or availability beginning in late July 2024. The names of the CPUs have not been leaked yet, but if we go by AMD's current naming scheme, we can expect to see a Ryzen 9 9950X, Ryzen 9 9900X, Ryzen 7 9700X and Ryzen 5 9600X. These are the successors to the current 7950X, 7900X, 7700X and 7600X CPUs.

The Ryzen 9 9950X is expected to have 16 cores, while the 9900X has cores. Meanwhile, the Ryzen 7 9700X and Ryzen 5 9600X are expected to have 8 and 6 cores, respectively. They will also have an RDNA 2 iGPU.

There are no words yet on the X3D variant of these Zen 5 CPUs. We expect AMD to release an X3D variant, considering how popular the Ryzen 7800X3D CPU is among gamers.

The Ryzen 9000 Zen 5 CPUs will compete with Intel's upcoming Core Ultra 200 Arrow Lake-S desktop CPUs. I expect to see significant performance improvements or gains with the next generation platform. I also hope that we no longer see motherboard burning issues due to high voltages.

Sources: Benchlife.info, videocardz

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