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Master combat sorties in Escape from Tarkov

A man holding a gun while looking out a window in a video game.

Tarkov is one of the most realistic team shooter games that mixes the Battle Royale genre and simply a military simulator, which can be played alone or as part of a group consisting of one of the two available private military campaigns and fights against opponents. and bandits. and constantly fight for resources and weapons, medicines and upgrade accessories to improve shooting.

You must tread carefully because death in Tarkov means the loss of all property and character, but with the preservation of the general level and a new beginning.

Therefore, it is more profitable to play as part of a combat group; This provides greater chances of survival and success during combat sorties and skirmishes, when you can use various tactics and weapons to destroy entire groups of opponents.

In part, of course, you can simply buy some equipment and weapons if you have a sufficient amount of remaining rubleswhich can be found, mined or purchased on professional servers like Skycoach, which provide full support to beginners and experienced players.

Let's look at the best tips that will help you effectively use your battle groups and survive more often during combat raids.

A man with a firearm watching through a window.


Always exchange information during combat movements and exits: assess the situation and communicate with each other about any suspicious movements; This will help them survive more often and take advantageous positions at the slightest suspicion of a battle.

Observe the situation and observe not only the horizon, but also the flanks and rear.

To simplify communication, you can use military landmarks, which use a clock system, 12 – the direction of the group, 3 and 9 – the flanks and 6 – the rear.

Try to designate a player to watch behind you so that no one can go to the rear of your group and shoot you, or at least have time to warn everyone about the danger.

Action plan

In Tarkov there is no interface or convenient map that you can access at any time during the game, and in order not to take risks and know the places where you will search for weapons, ammunition and Tarkov rubles, it is better to immediately make a plan. .

It should involve your general plan, a plan in case of a sudden change in the situation, for example, a confrontation with a large group of bandits or enemy PMCs. In which direction are you going, in which areas will the meeting be held, what will you do in case of a fight and where will you go after a complete meeting and in case of a stressful situation?

Production distribution

Each battle is a long and complex process and, of course, each player wants to last as long as possible.

The main thing is not to be greedy and in addition to the general loot, you should take a lot of equipment for the group in case of battle.

You need weighty ammo, grenades, and first aid kits, but you should have as much as possible in case of long, difficult battles.

Distribute the weight among all the fighters so that no one is overloaded, because slowness is like death in tarkov due to the action of bandits and enemy snipers and shooters, who will understand that your group is operating here.

Distribute game roles.

The main role in Escape from Tarkov is that of a marksman, a gunner. But you can't move in a battle group containing only riflemen: it's ineffective.

There are several roles in total: a short-range shooter, who also finishes off and attacks suppressed enemies, a sniper who conducts reconnaissance and destroys long-range targets and enemy snipers and all enemies, preventing him from reaching his squad and participate in the battle. with them.

But be careful: do not shoot first at a detachment that does not yet see you, unless there is an urgent need to engage in battle, because every battle carries the risk of death and the noise of attracting other groups and bandits who may attack unexpectedly. . flank and rear.

The third role is a support shooter who helps the first player and prevents the enemy from getting too close to the sniper, he can give him a first aid kit or throw a grenade, preventing him from assaulting his positions or helping his own attack aircraft.

Don't use strange combinations of roles, such as two snipers and support, unless clearly necessary: ​​sniper weapons, although powerful, take a long time to reload and if the enemy manages to get close enough to you, most likely the entire group, or part of it. will die, which is no longer acceptable.

Study the map

You won't be able to follow the game map at any point without obvious drawbacks, so try to study it as you go out, outlining directions of movement, loot collection points, and exit points.

Of course, you will be able to look at the map, but it will not be as simple and interactive as in PUBGbecause you always need to transfer completely, risking your character, and not just watch and continue running.

listen to the sound

In Tarkov, all sounds have different intensity depending on the direction, distance and medium used.

Listen to footsteps and their distance, gunshots, if suddenly there is a battle somewhere, the weapons that are used and everything that concerns your safety.

Always use cover

Never risk your life and equipment by simply running through open areas.

Use cover, make stops so the group can catch up, but watch your distance to minimize the risk to the entire squad in case of grenades.

Use rocks, ravines and trees as natural cover, but remember, the thinner the cover, the easier it will be to shoot through it, which is important to keep in mind in case the enemy knows exactly your position and attacks it.

An armed man looking out a window in a video game.

Attack together

The good thing about playing in a group is that you can take complete control and not give up the initiative to your opponents.

Shoot the enemy together, and he will not come out of cover and this will give you the opportunity to avoid him or throw a grenade, and then you will have a choice: stay there and die from the explosion, or run away. in your heavy fire.

Avoid enemies, deceive and prepare ambushes, lure them to snipers and just think with your head how you can use your numerical advantage and communication for the benefit and survival of the group and freely collect Escape from Tarkov rubles.

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