June 16, 2024
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G.SKILL presents its Trident Z5 Royal kits in a trailer

A few hours ago we learned through a press release that G.SKILL would be offering new DDR5 memory kits at the 2024 edition of Computex, to be held from June 4 to 7, 2024. Finally, it was through a trailer published on its several social networks We discovered that this would be the return of the “Trident Z5 Royal” series. It is a series that we were able to discover with DDR4 memory modules, in particular thanks to the G.SKILL test. Trident Z Royal DDR4 4000 MT/S CL16 equipment. As you may have deduced, the addition of the number “5” to the “Z5” designation refers to DDR5. It's also worth noting that G.SKILL later offered a Z Royal Elite Trident version. It remains to be seen if this will also be the case for DDR5.

It is worth noting that this series has not always enjoyed unanimous approval: some find it very pretty and others, not afraid of words, are horrified by its bling-bling side. Personally, we've always found the “silver” versions to be prettier and easier to match to a setting than the “gold” versions. The main feature of this series is the series of mini crystals that make up the upper part where the RGB backlighting is located.

The DDR4 series features 8 addressable LEDs controlled by Trident Z Royal software. It offers more than a dozen lighting effects and management of up to 4 lighting profiles, in addition to the possibility of controlling each module individually or synchronized, so you can fully customize your own color palette. No word yet on frequencies, kit capacities or pricing. We'll probably have to wait until the start of Computex!

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